Late Happy Birthday Wishes

Late Happy Birthday Wishes

We publish Best Belated Happy Birthday Wishes by which you can wish as well as feel sorry because of wishing late on your loved one’s Birthday.

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  • Two, four, six, eight. Sorry that this birthday cheer is late! Happy Birthday!

  • I’m so lucky to have such a great friend like you… who’d forgive me if I forgot his(/her) birthday. Happy belated birthday!

  • Just because I missed your birthday doesn’t mean that you don’t look like a monkey. Hope you had a barrel of fun.

  • I checked google for the best “belated birthday wishes”, “late birthday greetings”, “sorry for missing your birthday” and “late birthday wishes”, but the best one comes from my heart when I say “Hope you had a great birthday.”

  • You live life in the fast lane but I move a little slower. That is why I am a little behind you on celebrating your birthday.

  • Better late than never? Hope you had the happiest birthday ever.

  • Need a reason for a party? Well as long as all the belated birthday wishes keep flowing in, you’ve got a reason to party.

  • Hope your birthday was the best ever. I’m very sorry I missed it — it totally slipped my mind. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve had too many birthdays of your own.

  • Friendship starts with F but do you know what else starts with F? Forgetfulness and Forgiveness. So please forgive me for forgetting your birthday. Happy belated birthday

  • Knowing you, your birthday celebration is still going strong, so I know my belated birthday wishes are relatively on time. Hope you’re still having a ball.

  • Even though this message comes to you a little late, the wish it brings for happiness is good on any day date. Happy belated birthday.

  • You are my friend and I have sinned by forgetting your birthday. This gives you the right to be angry at me in every way. Be broody, don’t stop sulking and keep throwing your temper tantrums at me. I will tolerate everything as long as you accept my apology. Happy belated birthday.

  • I didn’t miss the opportunity to wish you a Happy Birthday”. I am just fashionably late.

  • People often say that burn the candles at both ends. May be, that means you can celebrate your birthday both after and before the real birth date. I’m just helping you in celebrating the late birthday with this belated happy birthday.

  • They say “burn the candle at both ends” and I think that means celebrate your birthday both before and after the real date. I am helping with the “after” part.

  • The saying is “A day late and a dollar short” but I missed your birthday by more than that and there is no gift either. So I guess they need to work on their saying.

that’s it by choosing any from these Late Happy Birthday Wishes you can cover your irresponsibility. If you want more Updates Click BELATED BIRTHDAY WISHES

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